Angela Agenlian-Neuert, MA, LMFT

Embodied Soul Presence Psychotherapy, License #52197
874 Gravenstein Hwy South, Suite 1, Sebastopol, CA
(707) 206-6422


About Angela

My work is grounded in over 20 years of experience and training including:  Imaginal Psychology (M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Meridian University), Somatic Resourcing Training (with masterful teacher Bill Bowen), Lomi Applied Somatics Program (with seminal teachers Robert Hall, Thomas Pope and Ernestine Ward), Applied Behavioral Analysis, Internal Family Systems parts work, Non-Violent Communication, Co-Counseling, numerous diversity trainings and Body Tales (Olivia Corson’s brilliant movement, sound, language improvisational expressive and healing arts form).

 Additional trainings and spiritual practices include: Vipassanna Meditation (from the Spirit Rock tradition), 20+ years of dance practice (predominantly in Soul Motion with Zuza Engler), Indigenous and earth-based wisdom teachings (with West African ritual healing teachers Malidoma and Sobonfu Some and 25 years of Native American ceremony with many medicine people including Fred Wahpepah and Solo Lucio), Women’s and Girls’ Initiation and Rites of Passage Work (with Sashana Proctor and Jeannette Moffitt and through Circle of Sisters) and Qi Gong (from the Tian Gong tradition).




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To Reach Me:

 To schedule an appointment or a free 20-minute phone consultation, please call: (707) 206-6422.

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